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PadStyler 3D Architectural Renderings have allowed us to do fewer model homes while increasing customer acquisition.

- Dmitri (Austin, USA)

We have increased our pre-sales with PadStyler 3D Visualizations and our customers know exactly what to expect when we break ground.

- Drew (Miami, USA)

I loved being able to do an architectural walkthrough of my future home and inspect every corner before committing to construction.

- Bethany (Melbourne, Australia)

What type of 3D Construction Renderings does PadStyler provide?

We specialize in 3D modeling and visualization solutions for the construction and architecture industries. We work with builders, architects and realtors to create photo-realistic 3D property models to help clients visualize spaces before they are constructed. Our services include 3D exterior and interior architectural visualizations, 3D video walkthroughs, 3D interactive floor plans and much more. We bring construction blueprints to life.

3D Exterior Renderings

We create beautiful photo-realistic 3D exterior renderings from architectural blueprints. Every architectural detail is designed true to specification and made to look extremely realistic. This helps you and your clients envision the structure before it’s built.

3D Interior Renderings

We create stunning photo-realistic 3D interior renderings from architectural blueprints. We custom model the walls, windows, doors, trim, cabinetry, hardware, appliances and much more. We also furnish the spaces beautifully so they look inviting.

Interactive Floor Plans

We create fully furnished interactive 3D floor plans from architectural blueprints. You can use the mouse to rotate, zoom and drag the 3D floor plans to inspect them from all directions. This helps you and your clients understand how the spaces are connected and how they flow together.

Video Walkthrough

We create a photo-realistic 3D video walkthrough from architectural blueprints. The video shows a camera flying through the exterior and interior of the space. The videos can be custom branded and embedded in your marketing presentations to make them look stunning.

Virtual Renovation

For existing properties that are in need of renovation, we create a photo-realistic 3D preview of the planned renovations to showcase how the final space will look and feel. This is a highly valuable tool for developers, property flippers and contractors.

Virtual Finish Selector

We create a Virtual Finish Selector tool where you and your clients can select and preview different finishes for paint, flooring, countertops, backsplash and much more. These finishes are applied in the virtual room to showcase how various finish combinations look.

What do I need to supply to have photo-realistic 3D renderings created?

For exterior renderings, we require the architectural elevations to create 3D renderings. For interior renderings, we require the architectural floor plans to create 3D renderings. In addition if you can also provide detailed CAD drawings including electrical maps, we can further match the 3D model to exact specifications. The more artifacts are provided, the better the 3D renderings come out.

How is this different from PadStyler Virtual Staging Service?

PadStyler Virtual Staging is a separate service aimed at real estate listing agents. As part of this service, we furnish pictures of existing properties to help them sell faster and for more money. Learn more at PadStyler Virtual Staging.

What type of properties does PadStyler work with?

We work with all types of projects ranging from small houses to large commercial construction projects.

How does PadStyler's Price Match Promise work?

We pride ourselves on delivering the best photo-realistic 3D rendering service at the lowest price point in the industry. If you find a lower price per photo from another company we will happily match it. It's that simple!

Contact Us to discuss your 3D architectural rendering needs and you will be amazed at what we can do.