7 Reasons Virtual Staging Helps New Construction Homes Sell Faster

When working with a homeowner to sell their home or a buyer, you know all the tricks and steps it takes to make your clients happy. As a realtor, you know what it takes to get a home sold fast and for a price, everyone can agree on. However, some of the best tricks for selling a home fast at a good value require the buyer to put in a bit more money for the sale.

When the client can’t pay for all the marketing tactics needed, you’ll need to start looking for alternatives. This is where virtual staging benefits come into play. One way relators get homes sold fast is by staging them, but this can cost thousands of dollars.

Instead, consider using virtual staging, which is more affordable and offers some other benefits as well. Curious to learn more about how virtual staging can help you and your clients sell their homes? Continue reading below to learn everything you need to know about how virtual staging helps sell a home faster and other benefits!

Of course, this way of presenting properties to clients is very new and may be confusing to get your head around.


How effective is virtual staging?

Virtual staging is a fantastic way to present your property in the best light possible. The process involves using cameras and 3D models, which give potential buyers much more insight than they would otherwise have when looking at homes on their own without any visual aids or tours available for viewing purposes. Virtual staging is a highly effective strategy for increasing conversion rates. Studies show that it can increase leads by up to 50%.

Moreover, virtual staging helps increase a home’s value. The lower cost of staging a property means more people can afford it and the added convenience of being able to view a 3-D rendering online means they can take their time in deciding whether or not it’s right for them.

What does virtual staging involve?

Virtual staging is basically presenting a property in its best possible light using cameras and other visual aids. The pictures show the home exactly as it is, while the 3D rendering gives buyers a better view of what they can expect when moving into their new digs.

Additionally, virtual staging helps drive traffic to your listing and increases exposure and interaction. It also enhances search engine optimization, so potential clients can find your listings more quickly and efficiently.

Virtual staging is an extremely helpful way to present a property to interested viewers, but it doesn’t end there. Staging also offers other benefits for real estate agents. When you’re ready to learn about what they are, read on!

1. Customized for Your Buyer

Virtual staging allows you to create a customizable experience to wow your buyers. Your first step is to determine what the buyers are looking for in a home. What’s their style or other personal preferences?

Once you’ve gathered some information on what the buyer is looking for, you can then create the perfect home for them by using virtual staging. If you’re working with a buyer, talk to them about what they want in a home. You can then create the home of the dreams in virtual reality.

When working with a seller, look at other homes in the neighborhood and see what the competition is. The area where the home is located might also play a role in how you’d like to stage the home. What are buyers in this area looking for in-home styles and designs?

Create this look using virtual staging to show buyers exactly what they want.


2. Makes It Easier for Buyers to Visualize

When a buyer has a specific image in their mind of how they want their new home to look, you can then put together their ideas and make it a reality through virtual staging. Some buyers, however, have a hard time visualizing what an empty home could look like. If you don’t have an image for them to look at, a buyer might not be able to imagine that beautiful farm table and remodeled kitchen of their dreams.

Some people are only able to see the empty rooms and bare walls when viewing a home for sale. Use virtual staging to help buyers visualize what they’re looking for. If they don’t have a specific style in mind, come up with something you know anyone buyer would love and put the design together virtually.

When buyers are able to see what can be done in a space, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase.

3. Maximize First Impressions

The first impression a home gives a buyer is critical for a quick purchase. You want the home you’re selling to give a great first impression to potential buyers. From the minute a buyer clicks on pictures of a home listed for sale, they begin to make judgments.

If the first impression online isn’t a good one, then you’re risking them clicking off the listing and never returning again. Maximize a good first impression by using virtual staging to create a beautiful home that would interest any type of buyer.


4. Saves You Time

To get a home sold fast, you’ll need to get it listed and staged quickly. However, funding the staging and completing the staging process might take some time. You’ll need to find the right furniture and decor pieces and then strategically place them in the home to appease the buyers.

Virtual staging saves you time by eliminating the need to cover staging costs and the need to spend days completing the staging process. To stage a home virtually, you’ll only need to take professional photos of the empty home and then have the photos sent back to you with 48 hours of how it would look if it were staged.

It’s a much faster process than hiring a staging company and having furniture delivered.

5. Shows Potential

Showing buyers how a home could look shows them the home’s full potential. With virtual staging, there are no limits to what you can do. You don’t have to worry about a staging company having the specific style of couch or light fixture that you’re looking for.

The possibilities are endless, meaning your buyers are able to see the home in whatever light you cast it in.


6. Saves You Money

In the end, virtual staging saves everyone money. When working with a staging company, you’ll need to pay for the time that the staging furniture is used for. If you’re not able to sell the home quickly, you’re left with a large staging bill. 

However, when using virtual staging, you’ll make a one-time payment for the images. You won’t have to worry about a high cost if the home doesn’t sell right away.


7. Helps You Make a Sale Fast

The faster you sell your home, the faster it takes to get in and out of the market. The longer you’re on the market, the higher chance there is for things to go wrong with the sale. If your price isn’t competitive enough or if you don’t sell quickly enough, buyers might lose interest and the home could be lost forever.

Virtual staging is a great way to help you sell your new construction homes fast. In just a few days, you’ll have an accurate view of what the home would look like if it were staged. This makes it easier for buyers to visualize themselves living in the space.

How virtual staging has revolutionized the construction industry?

Virtual staging has revolutionized the construction industry in many ways. For example, it speeds up renovation projects by allowing contractors to plan and carry out their work faster than they could before this technique was introduced. The first step is that all designs are brought together on one screen where potential problems such as errors or hazards would be spotted quickly without having builders running around trying to figure them out themselves -Once these issues have been ironed out everything can happen simultaneously through remote control making sure each individual task gets done properly which reduces time spent fixing afterward.


Make the sale of home easy by using virtual staging to create a good first impression and enhance any room. It’ll make it easier for buyers to see themselves in the home, allowing you to get your home sold fast. Save time and money when selling a home with virtual staging. You won’t have to pay for staging or wait days for furniture to arrive.

Virtual staging is the easiest, fastest, and most effective way of selling a home with empty rooms and bare walls. It’s an image that can be put together in minutes and done all through digital means.

Are These Virtual Staging Benefits Enough for You?

As a realtor, it’s you’re job to find the best selling or buying tactics for your clients. Using virtual staging saves time and money. It also helps buyers visualize and see a home’s full potential.

Are these virtual staging benefits enough for you to look into it? We sure hope they are!

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