Attract Potential Clients with 3D Architectural Rendering

3D architectural rendering services are a fantastic way of improving your marketing campaigns for any given building or property.

In fact, It is common knowledge that people are much more engaged with visual representations over swathes of data.

Looking at top-down blueprints compared to 3D maps of a potential property is much more engaging. This is why rendering services in the real estate industry has become a game-changer.

Of course, this way of presenting properties to clients is very new and may be confusing to get your head around.

However, the benefits are many – we’ve listed some of the ways in which 3D architectural rendering can help your efforts.

1. Attracting Clients With 3D Renders

The brain is wired to favor particular shapes, oftentimes more than others.

When using 2D images to present a potential property, it is difficult for clients to get a true idea of the dimensions of said property.

But by using rendering services in the 3D format, you are able to present images to clients in a way that is true to life. This, in turn, will enable you to attract more clients than a regular 2D blueprint.

In fact, architectural rendering can be so realistic, it can be like looking at the real thing. This can also make getting clients to approve properties more quickly than before.

2. Improve Precision Of Presentations

2D images present the problem that buyers will still be looking at theoretical designs. The measurements are all privy to assumptions and clients may not be sure whether the dimensions are going to work out when it comes to the real thing.

This also makes it difficult to test designs.

Another issue is also the way blueprints work – some clients may not be able to understand what a blueprint is telling them per se, and the intricacies of what they are being shown. Rendering in a 3D fashion can help you get around this issue. 

3. Solve Problems Quickly

You make come across a range of problems that you notice that need rectifying before the construction of a project.

3D rendering gives you the advantage of being able to see problems with structural integrity and also enables you to make sure buildings are stable.

You can also spot if space is lacking in a given property or if the design of a property is not as appealing as it should be. This allows you to catch problems early and save your company time, as well as money. In the worst case, you’ll be able to make changes architecturally during construction. 

4. Editing Ad Hoc

Making presentations with precision can be very time-consuming.

And even after having presented a particular design, your client may want to make significant changes. Editing 2D blueprints it’s not easy to do and not quick either.

In finding a problem with a design, you may have to spend a lot of resources in order to re-sketch your concepts in making your ideas a possibility.

3D rendering can be a workaround for this. By having designers on board, you’re unable to enact changes as you go using 3D design programs.

These changes can then be made in real-time, updated and sent to the client as you go. In the instance they don’t like any new changes made, designers can go back to the drawing board and implement other ideas very quickly.

5. Being Cost-effective

Adding to blueprints can be very very expensive. You’ll have to fork out money for adjustments and also the labor and time for any changes. With 3D rendering, the whole process becomes instantly cheaper.

One of the other benefits with 3D rendering as your primary way of shopping designs is that the money saved in the design process can then be utilized in other aspects such as marketing.

6. Enhancing Marketing With 3D Renders

Having touched on marketing, it makes sense to go further into how 3D rendering can help your marketing efforts. 

In fact, they can go along way to boosting your advertising. 

One easy way to see how an advantage is that a regular blueprint will not suit a commercial. 

The nature of a blueprint means they are quite mundane to look at and will not inspire anyone to take action. This could be compared to looking at a huge amount of text – and we all know that this is not something that is enjoyable to witness. 

3D renders can be made in such an elegant fashion that they are hard to distinguish from the real thing. 

This way of presenting properties makes it easy to implement into a commercial or presentation. These types of presentations are vital in this market and account for the majority of sales made. 

7. Looking Forward To Virtual Reality

With the advent of virtual reality, marketing is going to expand in a very interesting way. 

In the coming years, there will be a lot of people taking up virtual reality, and it has already found its way onto various platforms. 

There are products showcasing how powerful a vehicle VR can be, so it makes sense that the real estate industry would eventually move into this territory

Whilst VR is currently used for video gaming primarily, they could be extended to give clients a view of a home, enabling them to see the dimensions up close for themselves. 

Being able to tour the client around a virtual home would be a massive advantage and would more than likely lead to much approval. 

3D Architectural Rendering Is The Future

With the power of 3D architectural rendering available, presenting homes in a realistic and imaginable way has never been easier. 

Not only it is very affordable, but it presents a much more engaging way to showcase homes and is much more marketable to boot.

Interested and wanted to stage a property virtually? Feel free to get in touch with us.