20 Best Home Remodeling Experts You Need To Know

20 Best Home Remodeling Experts You Need To Know

Having a home is considered a huge blessing as it is somewhere where you can live comfortably. It is essentially a safe place where you can relax and be yourself. Similarly, it is the same for your family, especially your children whose experiences will be shaped in their house. If you are not entirely happy with your home or think you can improve it further, then look no further than this list. Here are 20 of the best home remodeling experts that you need to know.

20 Best Home Remodeling Experts You Need To Know

Following is the list of 20 Best Home Remodeling Experts You Need To Know:

Josh McDermott

Josh McDermott has been the 2nd generation owner of J.T. McDermott Remodeling Contractors for almost three decades. Since he was a kid, he has always been around construction due to his father’s business and is an expert. His company is known to create an environment of familiarity with its clients, so they feel as comfortable as possible. Their in-house team is trustworthy so that homeowners do not have to worry about the trustworthiness of their contractors. They have remodeled hundreds of homes and prioritize customer satisfaction. Their staff is professionally qualified in remodeling processes like interior design, crafting, and project managing to ensure each process is done perfectly.

David Ellis

David Ellis is the President of Ellis Builds, a company he founded in 2002 in his hometown of Colorado. His love for architecture led him to deal with small homebuilders until he eventually founded the company. Ellis Builds has remodeled many homes in Boulder County, Colorado, which includes multi-million custom homes. Their team is an expert at various aspects of the remodeling process, including basement finishes, home additions, and renovations. They have been in the business for a long time, making them a reliable company to deal with.


Mike McCarville is the manager of RoJohn Home Improvements and is the husband of the owner. He has been working at the company since 1979 and has many degrees making him an expert in home remodeling. The company offers a range of remodeling services for residential and commercial buildings. They have been in business for over 78 years and thrive in the energy conservation business. They can take care of things like roofing, remodels, gutters, patios, and windows, among many others. They have an extensive team of experts that is ready to take care of all of your needs.

Stan Acton

Stan Acton is the founder of Acton ADU that has been in business for over 30 years. Stan Acton, the owner, has had a passion for craftsmanship and building since he was a kid, which led him to open up the design-build company eventually. The company excels in ADU building which has been instrumental in solving the California housing crisis. However, they also offer remodeling services in which they take care of all aspects of your home. They work hard to be the right contractor for you and make sure to consider your lifestyle during the redesign process.

Andy Haste

Andy Haste is the president and founder of Riverside Construction that has been in business since 2008. He has been in the rebuilding business for many years and understands its various aspects, such as building materials, estimating, reading blueprints, and building codes. This makes him ideal for the remodeling business which he runs. They offer a range of services with dedication and guaranteed customer satisfaction. This includes kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, and even room addition. Their diverse team of carpenters ensures that you will be more than satisfied with their work.

Len McAdams

Len McAdams is the co-owner and founder of McAdams Remodeling and has been in the construction business for over 40 years. Additionally, he even has a degree in Construction Management, making him a comprehensive expert on construction. He has been remodeling homes since 1974 and has created relationships with many Eastside and Seattle homeowners. The fact they return for new projects is a testimony to how reliable Len McAdams and his company are. They offer various remodeling services, including personal consultation and special care when designing rooms for kids, special needs people, or aged clients.

Scott Hochuli

Scott Hochuli is the owner of Hochuli Design and Remodeling, founded in 2001, and has over 21 years of experience in the renovation industry. Alongside his wife, who has over ten years of experience in interior design, they make the perfect team when it comes to home renovation. Their company is dedicated to making customers for life and has completed over 500 remodeling and design-build projects in Phoenix-Metro and nearby areas. They offer all sorts of remodeling services which include general, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling. They also offer room addition and design services.

George Gayler

George Gayler is the president of Gayler Design, a remodeling firm founded by his father. Since then, he started working with his father when he was thirteen years old and has been involved in the construction business. He slowly rose through the ranks until taking over the firm and expanding it after getting a contractor’s license in 1979. This lifelong experience is why he understands all aspects of the construction process that has led to many successful award-winning projects that clients stand by. This includes certified green projects with solar installations. They are renowned for providing on-time and on-budget projects and operate in the Tri-Valley and Lamorinda areas.

Mike Spreckelmeier

Mike Spreckelmeier is currently the project specialist at Progress Design Build, a company he helped found. He has extensive experience in the construction business, including working in various companies before Progress Design-Build became a thing. He has worked in all aspects of construction, from landscaping to running heavy equipment to pouring concrete. He has a great passion for home rebuilding, and his valuable experience is crucial to the company. The company provides many services like whole house, kitchen, and bathroom remodels alongside room additions.

John G. MacDougall

John G. MacDougall is the founder and president of JMC Home Improvement Specialists, where he has worked on projects for 15+ years. Initially working as an apprentice for others, he realized that he needed to start his own remodeling business to do his best quality of work. This he did in 1977. He oversees all the operations in his business, whether it be minor home repairs or significant home additions. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with him, as testified by all previous customers of his company. His company offers all remodeling services alongside room additions and design services.

Jerry Harris

Jerry Harris is the owner of Jerry Haaris Remodeling, a business that came to fruition entirely by accident when he and his wife would help fix up properties around them. His business has decades of experience, and the residents of Chesapeake and surrounding areas have turned to them over 10,000 times. Their company has won various awards, and Jerry Haaris has been inducted into the Remodeling House of Fame. The company offers all house remodeling services, whether it be small maintenance or whole house remodel.


Tony Ellis is the president of Bayshore Home Solutions and has over 40 years of experience in the remodeling business. He makes a great team alongside his wife, the business coordinator who oversees all aspects of the operation. They serve clients in the Virginia Beach area alongside neighboring cities like Chesapeake and Norfolk. They offer extensive remodeling options and room additions, including handicap accessibility and outdoor remodeling. Their goal is to offer quality craftsmanship that fits your budget, and they are pretty open and honest with their customers.

Michael May

Michael May is the senior designer at Crown Construction which he joined in 2014 after closing down his own business. He has extensive experience in the remodeling business, having learned the trade from his father in their home. He has a wide range of certifications and follows the best quality and standard practices. He is also the corporate building sciences trainer for all the field crows of the company. The company which he is a part of offers all sorts of remodeling services and accessibility options.

Tim Layton

Tim Layton, also known as the Remodeling Guy, is a remodeling enthusiast who runs a blog about his passion. His blog operates as an informational and personal blog where he shares pure information or personal experiences. He may even talk about an idea and why he thinks it is brilliant. Since he was eleven, he has experienced construction work and became a building contractor at the age of 19. He has experience with construction projects of all types, which makes him a great expert on remodeling.

Zach Daller

Zach Daller is a design specialist working at Breyer Construction with a diverse background in the industry. He became the sole proprietor of Daller Contracting and specializes in home remodeling, making him a valuable asset to Breyer. He has even worked for an environmental service company which shows he has a diverse set of skills. He makes sure to provide the best solutions for clients so that they are fully satisfied. Breyer Construction offers a range of home remodeling options which also include utility room additions.

Bryan Sebring

Bryan Sebring is the president and founder of Sebring Design Build, which he opened in 1999 and has been doing home building and remodeling since. He has been involved in the construction business since 1993. In addition, he has also put a lot of work into developing lasting relationships and friendships with customers. Sebring has also launched another branch for his business in Nashville with the previous one in Illinois and regularly commutes between both. His business offers a range of remodeling services which includes custom builds and room additions.

Luke Stamler

Luke Stamler is the founder and president of SkyLimit Remodeling, which he built in Nebraska in 2013. He was introduced to remodeling when he was nine, with his father teaching him all the skills associated with the construction industry he was involved in. This has led to him having 25 years of experience in the remodeling industry. His hands-on experience has been crucial to his company’s exceptional standards, which offers a great remodeling experience. They even aim to respect your daily schedule to ensure the remodeling process is not disruptive. Their remodeling services include bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

Ted Daniels

Edward ‘Ted’ Daniels is the president and founder of Daniels Remodeling, based in Virginia. He was interested in building things from an early age which led to him becoming a carpenter’s apprentice until eventually, he became a Superintendent of Construction to a Senior Production Manager. Eventually, he built his firm that focused on giving a great remodeling experience. He stands by his three-step process that is the basis of their work. It starts with a feasibility study, after which you choose your design, and at the end, the project is built. This ensures an experience like no other in the Northern Virginia area.

Keith Gerety

Keith Gerety is the founder of Gerety Building and Restoration, which he built over 40 years ago. Since then, he has accumulated a lot of experience in the industry and built a lasting relationship with his team of experts in architecture, plumbing, masonry, and so much more. This team leads to the ultimate restoration project for their customers. His range of expertise led to him building a remodeling and restoration business that specializes in major renovations. Their reputation is mainly built on historical building restorations, custom projects, and whole home and estate renovations.


Josh Baker founded BOWA alongside his friend Larry Weinberg after identifying the need for a genuine remodeling company in the growing Washington area. For more than 30 years, the company has grown extensively under his care as he has looked after coaching, strategic management, and team coaching. He is recognized throughout the country as an expert and has been quoted in various recognized publications. Additionally, he has even been invited as a speaker to national and local industry meetings.

To sum up

The need to restore or remodel a house tends always to come up as some of the homes we live in may not have been appropriately designed or have become too old. Through the expertise and advice of these experts, you may well be able to fulfill your wishes for a dream home. We hope this article has provided you with insight into remodeling and hope you can get some benefit out of it for your own home needs.