Why is 3D Rendering Important in Interior Designing?

Why is 3D Rendering Important in Interior Designing?

3D rendering allows you to tell the story in a simple but more appealing manner. In addition, it helps to visualize the property that needs renovation, which further helps the sellers (real estate brokers, agents, and property owners).

Virtual home staging online holds extreme importance in today’s market, and it is the perfect method to entice the buyers and make them immensely interested in buying the property.

Buyer needs a neat and clean presentation of the property to decide, and 3D rendering helps you present the property with precision and detail. So how can 3D rendering help you in creating a good interior design? Read this article till the end to find out, but before that, it is important to understand in detail what 3D rendering is?

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Why You Need Virtual Real Estate Staging

study shows that a staged home sells 88% faster. If you want to sell your home quickly and for the best price, virtual real estate staging is the easiest way to make things happen.

Living Room

The first impression in the real estate business can create all the difference. Thus, virtual home staging has become an integral part of the real estate selling process.

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is when you add furniture digitally and decorate the home or room to increase its real estate value.

Companies often rely on 3D software and gaming technology that makes the added furniture look indistinguishable from physical furniture.

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7 Best Home Staging Tips That Can Help You Earn Profit in 2022


The time you (realtor) sell a home, you do not sell the space; you make someone’s dream real of having their own home. Maybe your buyers can see their kids growing up there, or their grandkids play in the living room. No matter what, virtual staging allows you to live that dream. In the post, we will discuss the 7 best home staging tips of 2022 that will help you earn a great profit on selling a property.

Above this all, you will witness someone’s dream getting true of having their roof. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!


7 Best Home Staging Tips in a Tick

  1. Add before and after photos.
  2. Try to use a neutral design style and soft colors.
  3. Arts and Rugs can turn things full of life and energy.
  4. Collaborate with a virtual stager.
  5. Introduce salient features.
  6. Take photographs in daylight.
  7. Declutter whatever is possible.

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World’s Top 20 Brilliant Architects And Their Works

Architecture is a crucial aspect of our society as the cities and towns we live in would not exist without it. Architecture is so prevalent throughout history that it is considered an art form of building and designing structures. There have been numerous examples of significant architectural landmarks throughout history, like the Eiffel Tower or the Great Pyramids. But have you ever wondered who is responsible for all the best of the modern structures and buildings that you see around you? Probably not as much as you’ve thought about their works themselves.

25 Best Architecture Blogs You Should Be Following In 2021

Therefore, we will talk about the world’s top 20 brilliant architects and their works.

Ben van Berkel

Ben van Berkel is a renowned architect who is a founder of UNStudio, one of the most prominent architecture firms in the world. He studied architecture in Amsterdam and London, after which he began the pursuit of turning his theoretical ideas into practice. His firm has been responsible for building many famous structures, buildings, and even furniture designs. The Mercedes Benz Museum was designed by them and had a unique triangular design at the core of its structure that mimics the Mercedes Benz logo. They also designed the World Horticultural Expo in China that boasts a design that is a nice blend between science and nature. They have also a green vision of the future city that is entirely self-sufficient and green.

Bernard Tschumi

Bernard Tschumi is a famous architect whose works are generally associated with deconstructivism, which is the breaking down of structures, usually as a sign of rebellion against classic architecture. Some of these works include the Acropolis Museum in Athens and the Le Rosey Concert Hall. These structures are renowned but have also gained considerable criticism as many people feel that his designs aren’t practical enough for human needs. However, others have said that his buildings have a sense of grace, which stands out from more fancy structures.

Bjarke Ingels

Bjarke Ingels is a Danish architect who founded the BIG architectural group with many renowned architectural designs worldwide. He was even named among the 100 Most Influential People by TIME magazine for his architectural contributions. His architectural philosophy involves the combination of art and science to create giant structures that improve people’s lives. He is part of notable design projects, including the 2 World Trade Center, which will replace the original Twin Towers demolished in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. His firm has even designed the Mars Dune Alpha for NASA in Houston, Texas, for the Mars exploration program.

Christian De Portzamparc

Christian De Portzamparc is a leading French architect who learned the craft from New York and Paris. He was even awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize and was given the most prestigious French city planning award. His designs are renowned for being quite bold and artistic, making him one of the best architects for designing opera and concert halls. Some of these landmark buildings include the Cidade das Arte in Brazil and the Philharmonie Luxembourg. He has also designed towers such as the unique Lille Tower in France.

Dominique Perrault

Dominique Perrault is a renowned French architect who has won several awards and distinctions for his contribution to architecture. His designs have had several interpretations from different people who believe minimalist designs and conceptual arts inspire him. They have noted how he values space in his designs, which is seen mainly in the French National Library design, which was given the silver medal for city planning by France. He has also designed several structures for Olympics purposes, including the Olympic Tennis Center in Madrid and the Olympic Swimming Pool in Germany. He is currently working on the Olympic and Paralympic Village for Olympics Paris 2024.

Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind is an architect that founded his architecture studio with his wife, Nina, in Berlin, Germany. His studio has designed a wide variety of structures, including buildings, sculptures, and concert halls. His design philosophy is to create innovative and modern structures but are also balanced out by contemporary design to ‘not forget the past.’ While his works have been renowned by the majority, they have also received a lot of criticism for having elements of deconstructivism and using limited structural elements. Some of his most notable works include the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Great Canal Theatre in Dublin, and the Reflections luxury residential area in Singapore.

Norman Foster

Norman Foster is a renowned British architect who is the founder of the most extensive architectural practice in the UK. He has been recognized for his contributions to architecture through several awards, including the royal decree of having the title of Baron. He is a key figure in developing high-tech architecture, which incorporates cutting-edge technology into architectural designs. He has designed several renowned structures, including the Millau Viaduct in France and Apple offices, for which he worked closely with the CEO, Steve Jobs. His structures give off extremely modernistic vibes, which are seen in the most notable buildings in the modern development of the Middle East.

Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel is a French architect who has received several distinctions throughout his career, including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture and the Pritzker Prize. The Arab World Institute he designed in Paris helped him receive international fame and has led to him designing several notable structures worldwide. He has also taken part in several intellectual debates about architecture. He generally has exceptionally provocative opinions about architecture as he does not like to follow the norms, which is why he has received a lot of criticism. What he aims to do in his designs is always think out of the box to come up with something unique, which helps him stand out in the architectural world. Some other notable structures he has created are the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Agbar Tower in Barcelona.

Jeanne Gang

Jeanne Gang is an American architect who founded Studio Gang, which is a renowned architectural firm. Her design of the Aqua Tower in Chicago led to her gaining recognition as the tallest designed building by a woman. She later broke this record in 2021 with the construction of St. Regis Chicago. She has received many notable awards for her projects and was named World’s Most Influential Architect in 2019 by Time Magazine. Her design projects implement a lot of research and experimentation as she considers modern and traditional approaches, making her unique.

Joshua Prince-Ramus

Joshua Prince-Ramus is an American architect renowned for being influential in his craft at a very young age. This has led to him receiving several recognitions, such as being listed in the ‘5 greatest architects under 50’ by The Huffington Post and ‘The 20 Essential Young Architects’ by ICON Magazine. Some of the notable projects he is currently working on are The Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center and the Necklace Residence in New York. He brings modernist designs that integrate green solutions that make it a good representation of the current and future of modern architecture.

Ken Yeang

Ken Yeang is a Malaysian architect renowned for ecological architecture and having green aesthetics in his designs. He is one of the pioneers for sustainable architectural design, which has led to people considering him as one of the people who will save the planet by the Guardian newspaper. He employs bioclimatic design in his architectural structures and assesses the region’s climate where the structure is being built. Many people believe that he simply adds greenery to his structures, but he also adds a complete habitat to them to integrate seamlessly with the environment. He has won several awards for his work on sustainable architecture, like the Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

Ma Yansong

Ma Yansong is a Chinese architect who founded the MAD architectural firm based in China. He is renowned for making a name for himself in the architecture world for his unique designs from a very young age. He takes inspiration from the famous Chinese scientist, Qian Xuesen who criticized the industrialization that cities in China were heading towards. He felt that this direction would lead to soullessness and lack of spirit, which was necessary for the country. Ma Yansong took this a step further, saying that a city must also evoke emotion from its people and tries to bring this spirit into his designs. This can be seen in his unique projects like the Absolute Towers in Canada and Harbin Opera House in China.

Moshe Safdie

Moshe Safdie is a renowned architect that is considered to have inspired generations of architects. His works are notable for being socially responsible and humanely designed to include social and cultural elements of the place where they are being built. He has created airports, urban centers, and civic institutions on these principles, leading to him becoming internationally renowned. Many of his works are also known to integrate nature into them, like the Albert Einstein Institution in Brazil and the Surbana Jurong Campus in Singapore. Other famous designs he is known for are the Jewel Changi Airport and Habitat 67.

Rafael Moneo

Rafael Moneo is a Spanish architect who won the Pritzker Prize for Architecture in 1986. His works are renowned for enhancing urban spaces with modern designs and having spacious interiors that use cultural designs. This makes his designs ideal for universally bettering urban areas. He is also renowned as an architectural academic and has been published in several publications.

Rafael Viñoly

Rafael Vinoly is an Uruguayan architect and founded his practice with the same name that currently practices worldwide, including Europe, Asia, Africa, the USA, and the Middle East. His practice gained a lot of fame in South America for completing many projects within a short range of time, which led to high demand for his work. Some of his notable works include 432 Park Avenue and the Curve Theatre. However, his works have received criticism for causing intense sun glare due to curved glass exteriors that have reportedly melted some automobiles and burned carpets in shops.

Rem Koolhaas

Rem Koolhaas is an influential Dutch architect that is considered a representative of deconstructivism in architecture. Additionally, he is also considered one of the more important architectural thinkers, which Time magazine recognized when they put him in the Top 100 of the World’s Most Influential People in 2008. He had worked on several notable buildings and is known for putting twists in typical architectural structures like skyscrapers, like when he patented the horizontal skyscraper design. Some famous designs of his are the Central China Television Headquarters in Beijing and the new Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano is an established Italian architect who received several awards, including the Pritzker Architecture Award in 1998. He is renowned for building several structures over three decades, resulting in his designs being used worldwide and spanning a wide variety of formats. His notable designs include the Kansai International Airport, The New York Times Building, and The Shard in the UK. He also founded the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, which has over 150 staff that have experience working in various countries.

Richard Meier (bad reputation)

Richard Meier is an American architect well known for using the color white in geometric designs he employs in his works. Although he had established himself in the architecture world, his design of the Getty Center led to international recognition. He received many recognitions, including the Pritzker Prize in 1984. Some other notable works of his include the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and Meier on Rothschild. His legacy has been tainted significantly after a series of sexual harassment and assault allegations.

Peter Eisenman

Peter Eisenman is an internationally renowned architect known for being deconstruction, formalist, and high modernist in his designs. It is often alleged that he likes his designs to be provocative and perceived as hostile to humanity. He has received several awards for his work, including the Gold Medal for Architecture from the American Academy of Arts and the Wolf Foundation Prize. He has embarked on several large-scale projects that include the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Robert Stern

Robert Stern is an architect who is renowned for his post-modern style of architecture, where he integrates classical elements into his designs. This has led to him being awarded the Driehaus Architecture Prize for his contribution to contemporary classical architecture. Although he worked on private houses, he is better known for designing large and tall apartment complexes. He has even gone away from these approaches towards classical designs in recent years, largely depending on his projects. His more notable works include the George W. Bush Presidential Center and Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

Bottom line:
Architecture is an undeniable part of our society and has been part of our history for centuries. Most of them have been immortalized, with many even being considered historical landmarks that attract many tourists. However, we often tend not to appreciate the creators of these works, especially of modern designs prevalent in the cities we live in. We hope this article has been informative and has helped you learn about some of our contemporary world’s most brilliant architectural minds.

25 Best Real Estate Agents in Austin, Texas (USA)

Austin, Texas is a great place to live in. River access, amazing park views, flavorsome food, and welcoming people are what make it an amazing area to live in. Finding a home or if you want to buy any property over there can be a bit tricky, however, you can find a lot of real estate agents that will be ready to help you with all their expertise and hard work. Here is a list of the 25 best real estate agents in Austin, who will surely help you to get the property of your dreams:

25 Best Real Estate Agents in Austin, Texas (USA)

Following is the list of 25 Best Real Estate Agents whom you can reach out to and get what you want:

Gregg Klar

Gregg Klar is one of the top real estate agents in Austin, Texas. He is the founder and CEO of Gregg’s Team. Buying a home can be a tricky process as there will be a lot of legal work required to be done and might involve financial risks. However, Gregg can get you through the process easily as he has all the connections and sound experience of dealing with real estate transactions. He is a licensed agent who has been in business for years now and can help you buy or rent out the property of your choice in Austin conveniently.

Colton Finley

Colton Finley is a renowned real estate agent in Austin and is the founder of New Texas Realty. After getting his license, he has been there for the past 3 years in the industry. He is punctual and has a very professional approach to his work. You can directly communicate your concerns and demands to him and he can sort out everything for you. He is always genuinely concerned about his clients and makes theirs wants his priority while looking for a suitable property for them. Whether you are buying, selling, or investing, Colton has sound experience of working with them all.

Stacey Adkins

Stacey believes in building strong customer-agent relations and advocates the idea of building these relationships on trust and confidence. She has a lot of experience of dealing with people during stressful situations when they are looking for properties to purchase or to rent out them. She has all the skills that are required to understand the rapidly changing tactics of the market. She is of a belief that knowledge leads to good decisions and this is what keeps her curious about real estate market dynamics.

Brandy Guthrie

Brandy is a very known real estate agent in Austin. She just not focuses on her personal growth but also plays an active role in the betterment of the community and people around her. She is passionate about her career and this has led her to be a director at the Austin Board of Realtors. She is agile and is always vigilant to get to know the updated information of the city and get her work done with effectiveness. She has earned a good reputation in the industry due to her dedication and years of hard work.

Cheryl Leddy

Cheryl Leddy is a highly professional realtor and certified real estate agent who ensures to serve her clients with her skills and help them get their desired outcomes. She has a decade of experience in the industry which makes her a reliable agent to turn to when in need. Her amazing marketing strategies make her work stand out among the others. She ensures to be there for her clients throughout the entire process until the transaction is closed successfully.

Emily Carter Morris

Emily Carter Morris is the founder and CEO of Lake Home Realty and is known for her amazing achievements in the real estate industry. She has won many awards for her outstanding performances and genuine reviews from clients that speak about her dedication and commitment to her work. Emily can help you find the property as per your demands rather quickly as she always has updated information about Austin’s real estate agency. She is a great person to work with.

Jennifer Patterson Gregory

Jennifer is a native of Austin which gives her an edge over the other agents. She knows the area pretty well and can help you suggests some great places to live in. Earlier she has been designing homes and showrooms all around the USA but changed her career a few years back. She has helped a lot of individuals to live the life of their dreams by helping them find perfect homes at perfect prices.

Ben Wegmann

Ben is among the top real estate agents in Austin currently. He has been working in the industry for quite some time now which has given him ample experience to help his clients browse through the amazing neighbourhoods and to deal with all types of properties. His association with Roger Healy and Associates has given him a platform to extend his services to clients at an international level. He serves each client with all the attention and makes them feel that they are the only ones reaching out to him, a strategy that has made him a permanent real estate agent for many around the globe.

Lori Thomison

Lori started her career as a real estate agent back in 2005. She has been living in the area since her childhood which has familiarized her with all the localities of the area. She knows the town really well. Real estate was her family business which later turned out to be her passion. She has helped a lot of clients to find their dream houses, lands, luxury apartments, vacation homes, etc. Lori is an amazing person and is always there to help those who contact her.

Jaymes Willoughby

Jaymes Willoughby is among the senior real estate agent of Austin who has been working since 1998 to help people buy and sell properties with convenience. You can ask about his working reputation anyone from anyone in the area as he has been working in this field for over 36 years now. He is highly experienced and has sound experience in dealing with issues related to real estate transactions.

Luisa Mauro

She is an owner, broker, and realtor at Luisa Mauro real estate. She has specialized in buying, selling, and renting properties. She is also good at giving you suggestions regarding investment plans. She has been awarded many times for her unparalleled work in the real estate industry. Her clients speak highly of her professionalism and welcoming persona. She let people find a perfect place that they can call their home.

Dena Davis

Dena Davis is considered to be among the most known brokers in town. She is an expert in marketing your houses and properties and can make them steal the show in the real estate market. She has strong networking with the other influencers in the industry. She can help you find an amazing living place in Austin. She is a really friendly person but that does not keep her from doing her work with utmost professionalism. She can be the person who can get you the house of your dreams.

Richard J Doyle

Richard is working as a real estate agent for the past 17 years and is focused on providing the customer with excellent service and guidance. He provides his clients with the updated information about the real estate market and helps them find out a property that will be affordable for them in the best localities of Austin. His experience has given him sound knowledge about the field, and he can realign his marketing techniques as per the changing tactics of the real estate market. He himself has invested in properties and can easily understand the doubts that customers and investors have, being in their shoes allows him to provide them with satisfactory answers to their concerns.

Gene Arant

Gene Arant found his passion to be a realtor when he purchased his home in Austin along with his wife. He also founded Lake Travis Market Centre of Keller Williams Realty and grew from a team of 5 members of 300 agents. His main aim is to help his clients with all their real estate-related concerns and decisions by providing them with updated information and guiding them to what will work best for them. Make sure to seek help from such licensed agents who can lead you to better decisions.

Russ Phillips

Russ Phillip is not just a famous realtor’s name in the real estate market, rather it has emerged as an influential name among the other real estate agencies of Austin. He has developed strong working ethics due to his familial background. He sells luxury homes and properties and at times ranchers too. His work has been recognized in the industry many times. He is an amazing person to work with and an expert in his field. Contact him if you want to buy the property of your choice.

Jenny Cureton

Jenny has been ranked among the top 20 agents of Austin for personal sales production. She has extensive knowledge about the areas in Austin and is always in search of new listings and properties. She has the ability to build a strong connection with all her clients and is always a great advisor when it comes to guiding them regarding their real estate issues. Jenny and her team are working with passion to help people find perfect homes for themselves and their families.

Jackie Horton

Jackie Horton earned her real estate agent license before she even graduated from her college, this solely speaks about her passion and commitment to her career. Being the daughter of the business owner, she has developed strong working ethics and works with her clients with utmost dignity, integrity, dedication, and hard work. She focuses on working in a way that would be beneficial for her community. In her free time, she loves to volunteer for local community services.

Meredith Alderson

Before Meredith choose real estate as her career, she has been working in fields like sales and technology. Her past careers have helped in shaping her persona as an influential real estate agent in Austin. Her agency has won many awards for unparalleled yearly performances. Her professionalism has helped her gain a reputable place in the real estate market within no time. She loves to interact with her clients directly and is always a great advisor who is looking for good investment advice.

Andrea Amico

Highly energetic and full of positivity, Andrea Amico is known for her ability to talk to people and help them feel really comfortable while working with her. Even some of her clients have become her friends over time. She can take all the stress that you have while searching home away from you and will find you a place that won’t fail to inspire you for sure. Andrea is a perfect individual to reach out to and get your real estate goals achieved.

Ana Mainini Group

Ana has been working as a real estate agent for the past 16 years. She always prioritizes client satisfaction which has earned her a lot of respect not just among her clients but also among her peers. She gives attention to every detail before presenting a house to the client. From keeping a record of market trends to checking the building material, she makes sure to give her clients with best of everything. She has vast experience and knowledge about cultures which makes it easy for her to deal with international clients.

Natasha Antonioni

Natasha has a very unique professional background. She has owned salons previously and has worked as a spokesperson for Loreal. However, her love for aesthetics and beauty has turned her to designing luxury homes which have helped in shaping her career as a real estate agent. She has managed to earn a reputable place in the industry through her hard work and commitment to her profession.

Camille Armstrong

Austin is a place that is increasing in population at a rapid pace and it often difficult to find natives. Camille Armstrong is native to the city and has been working as a real estate agent since 2005. She has a strong network that helps her locate off-market properties and those in posh localities. She offers customized real estate services to cater to her customer’s demands rather aptly. Camille is always willing to get your work done with a lot of compassion and diligence.

Bettina Babbitt

Bettina Babbitt is an experienced realtor who knows her way very well around the city. Bettina has strong communication skills that help her understand the demands of customers and being able to negotiate effectively. She loves horses and this has led her to develop her interest in combining the rural landscapes of Austin with luxury living for both the horses and their owners. She has strong working ethics and you will find her to be extremely helpful in every matter.

Josh Baellow

Josh started his career as a mortgage lender and later evolved into an investor. He has experience selling his personal properties and has also sound knowledge regarding house renovations and procedures related to buying and selling of houses. He always prefers to make transactions that are challenging and knows how to get his offer accepted in a competitive market. For Josh, every client is important. He is responsive is just a call or email away from you.

Robin Banister

Robin Banister has been ranked among the top 25 best real estate agents of Austin and that too for all the right reasons. Robin’s customers often speak well about her as a person. She deals with all her clients patiently and provides them with the best of her services. She pays close attention to the needs and wants of her customers to help them find a place that they can call their homes for the rest of their lives. Robin is a great person; you can rely on her expertise. Sit back and relax, she has got your real estate goals covered already!

Real estate agents can really ease your task of finding a home. Not all of us are fully aware of the legalities that are involved in buying and selling houses, therefore, hiring an agent can get your work done without any stress and hassle. Being in the market for so long has given them an edge and they have resources that can simplify the complicated procedures related to real estate transactions.

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How Effective Are Virtual Tours?

How Effective Are Virtual Tours For In-person Property Viewing?

Virtual Tour

What is a Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours in real estate are a series of 360-degree photographs taken around the property. These photographs are linked together to be navigable through a simple user interface.

The viewer can explore the property by using simple controls to move through the property moving from one area to the next. There can be multiple paths in a property and the viewer can explore it as they see fit. The images are 360-degrees allowing viewers to use controls to see all sides of a room, the floor, and the ceiling.

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Virtual Staging transforms another outdated listing

At PadStyler, we have helped sell thousands of properties across the country using our Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovation service. We always remind our clients that vacant and poorly furnished properties sell for less money and sit longer on the market because buyers cannot visualize them property to see the true potential of the space.

Here is how PadStyler Virtual Staging and Virtual Remodeling transformed this property to help the agent showcase it in the best light possible using Virtual Staging. The before photos made this listing feel cold and uninviting.

PadStyler helped sell another listing within days.

Virtual Staging


Virtual Staging transforms another outdated listing

At PadStyler, we have helped sell thousands of properties across the country using our Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovation service. We always remind our clients that vacant and poorly furnished properties sell for less money and sit longer on the market because buyers cannot visualize them property to see the true potential of the space.

Here is how PadStyler Virtual Staging and Virtual Remodeling transformed this property to help the agent showcase it in the best light possible using Virtual Staging. The before photos made this listing feel cold and uninviting.

PadStyler helped sell another listing within days.

Virtual Staging


Virtual Staging transforms another outdated listing

At PadStyler, we have helped sell thousands of properties across the country using our Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovation service. We always remind our clients that vacant and poorly furnished properties sell for less money and sit longer on the market because buyers cannot visualize them property to see the true potential of the space.

Here is how PadStyler Virtual Staging and Virtual Remodeling transformed this property to help the agent showcase it in the best light possible using Virtual Staging. The before photos made this listing feel cold and uninviting.

PadStyler helped sell another listing within days.

Virtual Staging