How Has Drone Photography Revolutionized the Real Estate Industry- An Insight

How Has Drone Photography Revolutionized the Real Estate Industry- An Insight

More real estate professionals are turning to drone photography and videos to market their listings better. Real estate professionals say that real estate drone photos provide an aerial view of the property, which allows them to showcase home interiors in a way that no other real estate photography does. Drone video is also taking over since it can capture luxury real estate videos in ways traditional realtor videos cannot compete with. So real estate photography and real estate rendering are the top trending technologies in the business these days.

Reasons to use Drone photography

Drone photography has been used for real estate for several reasons.

Online Marketing

Realtors have turned to use it to discover how beneficial it was to list properties on online portals like Zillow, Trulia, etc. The beauty about real estate drone photos is their ability to offer prospective buyers an aerial of the real estate in real-time, providing the realtor with an edge over their competitors.

Easy virtual tours

In addition to drone shots for real estate realtors, home buyers and sellers are more than happy to have a real estate agent showcase all of the beautiful features that their homes offer. In this day and age, when almost everyone owns a smartphone, real estate photos make it possible for virtual tours of properties from around the globe, saving potential home buyers a much-needed trip. Although in modern times virtual staging and virtual remodeling is all the rage and indeed it is very practical but traditional remodeling is still done and preferred by people so you can use drones to provide virtual tours to people. 

Most realtors also claim that real estate drone videos are becoming increasingly popular over real estate video ads because they can showcase much more than traditional realtor videos. Realtors say that real estate drone videos make home buyers feel like they are actually at the property, especially when buyers cannot attend house showings due to their work commitments.

Popularity among buyers

Realtors who use drones for realty photography and videotaping purposes say that prospective clients love viewing those properties from afar through these videos as opposed to simply looking at them in 2D on a computer screen or having them pass by in real-time as they walk through a home. However, we are now providing 3D virtual staging to help you choose the property by using high-level virtual staging software. Real estate drone videos have become so popular that people are willing to pay realtors more money for listing real estate video services than they would realtor images, which has encouraged realtors to invest more into real estate videography.

Cost of Drone Photography

Realtors who use drones for real estate photography services say that they can provide drone photography packages starting at $200 per hour or upwards of $1000 per day, depending upon how many photos are required and what type they need taken. Realtors also say that most prospective buyer clients are willing to pay the extra money for real estate aerial photos since it gives them a real-time perspective of the real estate and its surroundings.

Ways in which Drones have changed real estate

The following are the main ways in which real estate drones have brought about the revolution:

Ways in which Drones have changed real estate

1. You can see properties from a bird’s eye view

One of the most significant benefits of using real estate drones is their ability to give prospective buyers an aerial view of a property. Prospective buyers often think better when given an overhead 360° panoramic perspective, and photos taken with this camera angle help them feel what it will be like to own real estate.

2. They get real estate photos instantly

Drone real estate photographs can be obtained in real-time, and they allow realtors to showcase properties as soon as they are taken. This means that realtors who use drones for real estate photography services don’t have to worry about missing out on a potential sale because they couldn’t get their act together fast enough. Prospective home buyers love that drone real estate photos provide them with an opportunity to react instantly and make better decisions based on what they see right then and there via photo or video.

3. Drone pictures make virtual tours of properties possible

You’ve likely viewed 360° panoramic shots online before, especially if you have real estate websites bookmarked or you’re a realtor yourself. These pictures have been made possible by real estate drone photography, which has opened up virtual tours of properties from around the world for homebuyers to see instantly.

4. Drone footage provides real-time information

While real estate videos are great at showcasing sizeable real estate, realtors say that they provide less information than real estate drone videos. This is because it’s harder to get a feel for what a property looks like in real-time through these types of videos instead of ones taken with drones.

5. Real estate drone shots can be obtained instantaneously

Another massive benefit of using real estate drones for realtor services is capturing images and videos in real-time. Its compare to real estate photography, which takes time for realtors to obtain real estate drone footage instead of real estate photos.

Real estate videos are also great since they allow realtors to showcase homes in real-time in the same way that a realtor tour would – but without doing any hard work on their part! The only downside of using real estate videos is that not all realtors own drones with video capabilities, so some realtors rely exclusively on photographs or just text descriptions and simple images when selling off properties.

6. Drone shots create 3D images

Most people don’t realize how much better 3D image mapping software has become over the past few years. It’s not just real estate agents who want to show off houses in real-time that are taking advantage of 3D real estate drone videos, though; realtors themselves want to sell homes in real-time as well, and they’re using 3D images to do so. If someone wants to go a step ahead they can get a 3D virtual design for the whole house or 3D floor models to better showcase their property.

7. Drones make it easy to edit realtor photos

There is a learning curve for editing real estate drone photos – most realtors don’t know what they’re doing when it comes down to post-editing real estate pictures for sale. Fortunately, anybody can use Photoshop or another image editing software program with relative ease these days to edit those photos and turn them into something extraordinary! The great thing about it is real estate realtors can make real estate photos look a lot better than they are. Some realtors even hire professional photographers to go and take real estate pictures using drones, which means the realtor doesn’t have to worry about not editing real estate drone photography correctly and showcasing their listings in the best light possible.

8. They provide real-time information

This is especially true for videos that require no editing whatsoever, such as those taken by amateur realtors who don’t own video cameras themselves. Real estate drone videos are great because they allow realtors to show off properties via a combination of text descriptions and quality images/videos – something realtor photography can’t do on its own.

9. Drone real estate photography provides better shots

Many realtors, even professional ones, don’t have realtor cameras with real estate photography capabilities. This is where real estate drone photography comes in, allowing realtors to get pictures that really show off properties for sale and potentially help sell them at a much faster rate than realtor photos taken from the ground level could manage on their own!

10. Drones give realtors an edge over other realtors in terms of selling homes

While you might be thinking this trend started slowly but surely as more people started using drones, drones have been a part of the real estate industry for years now – and have only entered the mainstream relatively recently through some high-profile realtors.

Realtors are much more limited in the types of real estate photos that they can take with real estate photography. Suppose real estate videos will accept. In that case, those pictures/videos will be even more helpful in selling properties because real estate video is quickly becoming an established way to market real estate.

The best drone for real estate photography

Most realtors have started taking advantage of drone realtor photo opportunities at least once, and some of them have made drone realtor photography a staple for their business – especially since these days, anybody can own a drone! Even if you don’t want to get into the business aspect of being a realtor, nothing stops you from using your drone for recreational use to capture real estate realtor photography that you can use in real-time later on.

If you’re interested in drone photography real estate, there are plenty of different options to choose a drone from. If you want a drone that’s relatively easy to fly and doesn’t have too many features – or even if you don’t want a drone that can be flown with ease by celebrities like DJI Phantom 2 drones can – then something like the Syma X5SW is probably your best bet.

The best drone for real estate photography

For those looking to step up their drone photography game even further, there’s also the DJI Inspire 1 drone – but this drone doesn’t come cheap. You’ll pay more for it than any other drone on the market, and yet you still don’t have complete control over how your drone takes pictures/videos. Nevertheless, it does take great photos/videos, and if that’s what you’ve been after all along then, you should be able to find plenty of places that have drone photography drone rentals that will be able to use this drone as well. The DJI Phantom drone is also a great drone for real estate because of its features and aerial capabilities.

It’s not all about camera quality either; the drone itself needs to be good! This means it shouldn’t be overly complicated (or expensive) since realtors will probably crash more often than pro pilots do. In turn, you should look for something with an autopilot feature so it stays stable in mid-air and can be flown with ease even by drone pilots who aren’t the most experienced drone realtor pilot in the world. This drone is also very light, which means it won’t cause any damage to people or property if something goes wrong!


Best drone for videography in real estate

What can drone videos do? Well, they can show drone pilots what they’re looking at in a much more comprehensive way than photographs ever could! They’re also great for getting the general public excited about your listings and real estate business as a whole because, let’s face it: everybody loves drone photos/videos!

If you want a drone that’s designed primarily for drone video functionality, then the DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone might be right up your alley! The DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone isn’t just a good drone – it’s an industry-standard drone that can go toe-to-toe with other industry-leading drones without breaking a sweat. Even professional drone pilots love this thing and have been known to recommend it on multiple occasions!

This particular drone comes with a 4K drone camera, so if drone videography is the primary reason that you’re getting a drone for your real estate business, then this drone might be the drone to get. You might want to have two of them ready, though, just in case one crashes!

In short, if you’re looking for the best drone possible for producing the highest quality drone video or photos, then look no further than any one of these drones! They are some of the best drones in their respective categories, and they’re leaders in the industry. And let’s face it, with so many different types of drones out there vying for your attention, being a leader isn’t easy – but these are true leaders!

As long as you take care to follow all drone regulations, drone videography isn’t just a good idea – it’s a certainty that every drone-happy realtor out there should be implementing!

What features do real estate drones have?

Every good drone for real estate needs to have a bunch of different features. Otherwise, it just won’t be able to work well! The first thing is the battery life. If your battery dies during the middle of a shoot or flight and you can’t finish what you were doing, it becomes tough to be professional about what comes next. You may lose clients because they didn’t get all the shots they needed, making sure that whatever model you choose has a long enough battery life. Next is how easy it is to fly – some people prefer flying with sticks while others prefer a handheld system through the controller. Whatever you do, try to pick something that will be very easy for you to work with and that you feel comfortable doing so mistakes can be minimized later down the road. Last, look at the camera options on each drone – some drones have cameras built-in while others don’t. If possible, try to find one with a built-in camera, so your only expense is just the drone itself instead of both a drone and an expensive camera.

Considerations when picking the best real estate drone

Many different kinds of drones commonly use for real estate photography and videography. First of all, you need to decide what type of drone you’re going to get – a fixed-wing or a quadcopter? In either case, it is imperative to consider how much weight the drone can carry on it and how long the battery on the drone can last because if your battery runs out, then the whole thing becomes useless. If you want something that will last a while, consider getting a heavier model because it’s always better safe than sorry. Another thing about choosing a specific kind of drone is that most of them have built-in cameras or support cameras. Unfortunately, not all camera options work with each other, so if you get a drone with an in-built camera, then that’s great, but if not, you might want to consider getting something else.

Growth of Drones in the Real Estate Industry

Like many businesses, real estate agents use aerial photography and videos made by drones today because it gives them an advantage over their competition when it comes time to market homes for sale. In fact, according to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors in 2016, over 70% of real estate agents are using drones to market their listings.

Moreover, according to a recent survey conducted by Drone Analyst, 61% of home buyers and sellers want pictures and videos taken from drones during all stages of the sale process. This makes it clear that drone technology is here to stay. Real Estate Drones shows that 83% of real estate professionals think this technology will replace traditional methods within five years or less.

To sum it all up, it can be said that you might also find one of the many actual estate-related companies out there that will pay you per photo to take photos of homes for them. This can be a great way to get started in drone photography or even make some extra money on the side! Drones are an emerging technology, and luckily, they’re not too expensive at this point. There are tons of different models out there from DJI, Yuneec, Parrot, and 3DR. All these brands have other models with various features, so chances are you’ll find something you like if you go with one of them!