How to implement Virtual Staging to Sell More in Real Estate

In this era, the real estate market is seeing an increase in sales of second-hand properties. Homeowners are also spending much of their budget to renovate and refurbish their property in order to sell that.

People want their houses to stand out from the rest, and to do that, and they had to attract with their images and price. It was then that the Virtual Staging technique was imported. This concept was born in the United States and consisted of fine-tuning and improving the property with decoration and lighting techniques to speed up the sales process.


Traditional, Virtual Staging, and Interior Decoration Tips

The biggest mistake you can make when selling or renting your home is keeping it as it is. You should know that over time, the furniture deteriorates, and an exaggerated decoration can generate the opposite effect. Several studies have confirmed that this technique can reduce the process of buying and selling real estate up to eight times faster. That’s why we offer you 10 keys to Home Staging, which you can apply to energize and increase the sale of your home.


Here are some traditional Home Staging Tips:

  • Opt for minimalist designs so that the tenant imagines his accommodation. This is a good trick because it uses neutral colors that relax.
  • Create simple, clean lines so as not to create cluttered spaces. Adopt the concept of “less is more.
  • Even though we are very creative and like to innovate, we have to reject this idea on a business level. We need to generate simple and functional designs.
  • Opt for white furniture to brighten it up, and choose dark furniture for everyday use for better preservation.
  • It is better to depersonalize the spaces, not to condition the future owner. Use light tones to give brightness and furniture with straight lines.
  • In the context of home staging, it is important that the property not only looks good but also stands out. Try to improve yourself to distinguish yourself from the other offers on the market.
  • Update the status of kitchens with shades of white. Paint the tiles, smooth the woodwork and change the handles.

Home staging techniques are useful in real estate

Many real estate developers and real estate agencies use the home staging technique to sell properties that need renovation or are not visually appealing. It is also used in real estate developments, especially for the famous “show apartment” used by real estate agencies to present to buyers, which they furnish with furniture and decorative elements. Well, this process is possible only after the construction works are completed. But what if we want to sell the property first?

Most new construction projects begin the marketing process before construction, called “off-plan sales.” One of the developers’ and architects’ main marketing strategies is investing in 3D computer graphics to visualize future property. One of the keys to boosting sales with architectural renderings is to leverage virtual home staging. In other words, it’s the same home staging technique we’ve only seen on physical property tours so far but applied to 3D room renderings.


Example of Virtual Staging:

When we make 3D computer graphics, one of the phases of the creative process is to add decorative elements and vegetation that bring life and realism to the image. But just like renovating a second-hand home, we need to grab the customer’s attention and make our work stand out from the rest.

Therefore, it is important when decorating and lighting a 3D virtual house tour to follow neutral patterns so as not to condition the buyer: add light colors, straight and simple lines, clean spaces, and unbiased styles. Not to be confused with not caring about the interior design of 3D computer graphics. It’s quite the opposite. We must be much more careful when choosing decorative elements and give a more general aesthetic closer to our target audience. Again, you can count on for virtual home staging online services.



Virtual home staging can also be possible for developers of new buildings and any real estate agency, renovation company, or interior design studio. In this way, we can improve a second-hand property for sale without having to modify the current state of the apartment, show the final result of a renovation that is going to be carried out or visualize an interior design project, always reducing time and money.


At Padstyler, it’s a process that we innately apply to all of our projects

We pay special attention to this kind of detail in every 3D computer graphic we make because, in addition to making our clients fall in love, the main objective must be achieved: to sell the property. Therefore, in addition to creating a specific interior design based on location, target audience, and property characteristics, we provide that differentiating value that stands out from Home Staging. Likewise, virtual home staging can be done with any 3D product, such as, for example, in 360º virtual tours, floor plan 3D rendering, where virtual reality is used so that the buyer, in addition to visiting his future home, can visualize the details with more precision thanks to the furniture and the decoration.

If you want more information on how we can apply virtual home staging to your project, don’t hesitate to contact us at 512.601.6303 or visit our website: You will be surprised at the benefits you can get with this technique.