PadStyler Launches First Virtual Curb Appeal Enhancement Service

Proves that sunny skies and greener grass help sell homes faster and for more money.

PadStyler ( today announced that it is launching an industry first virtual curb appeal enhancement service to help real estate agents sell homes faster. This new service offering is a natural extension for PadStyler, which already provides virtual home staging and real estate marketing consulting services to agents across the world.

As part of this service, PadStyler can take the exterior picture of any real estate listing and enhance it by adding sunnier sky, greener grass and brighter paint. These enhancements instantly boost property appeal of online listings and result in more showing inquiries.

According to National Association of Realtors, 90% of home buyers now search for homes online. On average potential buyers only look at a listing for three seconds while browsing, before deciding to click on it for details. This makes the cover picture of the listing the most important asset that the agent has to make those three seconds count and draw the buyers in.

During a pilot run of this new service, listings that had exterior images enhanced by PadStyler saw on average 32% more clicks per day as compared to the same listings without enhanced exterior images, resulting in 24% more showing inquiries. “Mood sells houses. If you can put buyers in a better mood, you have just raised your chances of selling that house.” said CJ Singh, PadStyler CEO. “You can’t always take your property photos on the best possible day when the weather is perfect and landscaping is at its best, that’s where our virtual curb appeal enhancement comes in.”

In addition to the standard exterior enhancements, PadStyler virtual curb appeal enhancement service has also been extended to do things like virtual snow removal, fixing exterior imperfections, improved landscaping and more with great results., based in Boise, Idaho, provides affordable virtual home staging and real estate marketing solutions to real estate agencies around the world to help them sell homes faster, and for more money. PadStyler backs all its services with a 100% money back guarantee.