Outdated Kitchens Made Pretty With Virtual Staging

The kitchen is the heart of any home. With kitchen design trends changing every year, older homes with outdated kitchens become harder to market. That’s where PadStyler Virtual Remodeling comes in. We help you showcase the true potential of any property with a virtually updated kitchen. 

Marketing Tip: You can also include remodeling contractor estimates for potential buyers to renovate the kitchen  



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Why Sellers Are Choosing Virtual Staging Over Traditional Home Staging

What’s so great about virtual staging and why is it on the rise? Find out why more sellers are choosing virtual staging over traditional home staging.

If you’ve bought or sold a home in the last few years, you’ve felt the winds of change in the real estate market. It’s not only about fluctuations in home inventory, or ups and downs in interest rates.

Real estate is going virtual! And the transformation from traditional to virtual didn’t just begin yesterday.

We’ve exchanged print marketing for digital marketing. Most shoppers get their first look at homes for sale by clicking a mouse instead of poring over the real estate section in the Sunday newspaper. Sellers (and buyers) are even using virtual real estate brokers.

Many sellers love a popular marketing tool known as virtual staging.

If you haven’t heard of it, here’s your chance to learn about why sellers are choosing virtual over traditional home staging. Keep reading and see if you don’t get excited about this intriguing sales and marketing tool!

Virtual Staging

When a real estate agent suggests staging your home, what comes to mind?

Moving all the furniture around? Giving your home a deep clean? Maybe you grab your brush and go for the latest trendy paint colors.

It’s one thing to refresh a home with a coat of paint and professional cleaning. Then you can stage with your furniture and a few tasteful accents. Traditional staging works if you own a houseful of high-end furnishings.

But if your décor is a little blah, or if you’ve already moved out of your home, traditional staging isn’t as effective.

Empty homes offer little in the way of curb appeal. Remember, before most buyers ever see the yard and front entryway, they’ve seen inside through an online real estate website. Those empty rooms look like boring boxes.

Welcome to virtual staging!

A professional photographer takes real photos and then uses software to change the furnishings and other décor. Sellers like the way virtual home staging creates the wow factor.

And while virtual home staging may be new to you, it’s not new to the real estate field. Remember the last recession? People lost homes and many abandoned them altogether.

Back then, virtual staging helped both homeowners and banks make abandoned properties look better in one or two clicks.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Sellers also like this method of home staging because it can make a property stand out.

A well-staged listing shows a home with high-quality furniture and professionally decorated rooms. Stage virtually and help buyers fall in love with the home they want rather than the one they see in person.

Virtual staging can connect buyers emotionally to your home. No buyer can resist seeing a home in person when they’ve already formed a connection virtually.

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PadStyler Virtual Furniture Replacement

Let’s admit it, a lot of the homes are furnished poorly and you wish you had a magic wand to replace the furnishings before listing them for sale. Well, now you do. Our designers can virtually replace the existing furniture with beautiful new furniture, helping your buyers visualize the space to its full potential. 





We get to stage some pretty run down houses.
Here’s what came our way recently

PadStyler Curb Appeal Enhancement

Online buyers look at a listing for only 3 seconds before deciding to click on it for details. This makes the cover picture of the listing a very powerful asset to draw them in. Our designers can enhance the landscaping, weather and curb appeal virtually so your online listing looks its best.

Is it harder to sell a home that looks bad from the outside or from inside?
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PadStyler Carpet Replacement

It is amazing how just updating the carpet and paint can bring a house back to life. Yet most sellers don’t make an effort to do so before putting a house on the market. But we have you covered. Our designers can virtually change the flooring and paint to show your buyers the true potential of the house



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