This $9 Million Las Vegas Listing Was Vacant And We Fixed It

At PadStyler, we have helped sell thousands of properties across the country using our Virtual Staging service. We always tell our clients that they should never be selling vacant or poorly furnished properties because buyers cannot see the true potential of the space.  

You are leaving money on the table whenever you are selling vacant properties.

Every now and then we come across a property that is so expensive but has NO furniture in, that we stop and question what the owners and the listing agent were thinking.

This Las Vegas condo was listed for $8,880,000 and it is an example of sellers underestimating the power of Home Staging and beautifully furnished spaces to marketing high end properties. 

Here is how PadStyler Virtual Staging transformed this property to make it look like the multimillion-dollar home that it is.

The best part is that all of this can be done within hours, not even days. It is truly amazing what a little bit of virtual staging magic can do to a property yet so few people are still using it. 

Here’s our humble appeal to listing agents. If you are expecting someone to spend millions of dollars, do not market your properties vacant or poorly furnished. You know better and your clients deserve better.